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Contura 51L
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Contura 51L Stoves at Boston Heating Call now on 01205310327 Contura 51L. The Contura 50 is the first cast-iron stove in the world to be Swan marked. Packed with high technology, this Contura stove’s stylish look is the creation of the young designers at MYRA industriell Design. They have produced a series of stoves with an elegance that blends harmoniously into different settings. A timeless classic. With a heat output range of 3-7, the stove can burn at low heat output to maintain an even and comfortable heat in the room for many hours. With its high-heating capacity, the stove can heat an area of about 120 m2 under favourable conditions. It has an efficiency rating of 81%. Options for the Handöl 50 series: Replaceable handle, black or frosted chrome Hotplate for the soapstone models. Supply air from outside. Hood cover for connection to outside air supply.